Becoming a member

Benefits of being a member

Main purposes of the Association for Young Legal Historians are to serve continuity and better transfer of knowledge between the Members of the Association for Young Legal Historians (MAYLH) between two annual Forums and to provide a continuous scientific exchange of research results between the members and young researchers’ platform for presentation of their research results in the field of legal history on the annual conferences. It promotes the preservation and extension of legal history in Europe and beyond as well.

Through this homepage the members of the Association can lead discussions regarding their research and ask for help if it is needed.

Except for professors the Association – as it is stated in its Statutes – is open to all young legal historians. This exemption has been made to provide the possibility for young legal historians, who cannot present their ideas on other conferences to share their research results and have it discussed with other legal historians but without the watching eyes of tutors and mentors. Professors and institutions are only welcome as sustaining members.

The annual Forum of Young Legal Historians is supported by the Association therefore the Statutes of the AYLH states that general themes of the annual conferences should be specified enough wide to make it possible for every subject of the presentations to fit in. These annual Forums are open to everyone interested in legal history but is still not to a professor holding a chair in legal history. The presentations held on these annual forums are going to be published in the series “Yearbook of Young Legal History” by the Martin Meidenbauer Verlagsbuchhandlung in Munich. The Association having a permanent agreement with the Publishing House promotes the idea to have all the conference-volumes published in the Yearbook series in order to have a bigger international attention focused on the paper-presentations held on annual conferences and to serve the continuity as well of the annual conferences as of the series of the conference volumes. Members of the Association can purchase the volumes of the Yearbook at a reduced price of € 29,90- .

Conditions of becoming a member

Membership is as well open to individuals as to organizations who wish to support the objectives of the Association for Young Legal Historians. The Association promotes to achieve as broad diversity of nationalities and cultures as it is possible.

Everyone who wants to join the Association can do it through this homepage and at the occasion of the annual forums, too.

In case of joining through this homepage the membership’s form has to be filled in and the amount of the € 20.- has to be paid to the bank account of the Association for Young Legal Historians. The membership commences with the payment of the annual contribution that provides also access for the member to all content of this webpage by getting a username and a password.