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2012 General Assembly

Ramon Pils
Posted: 04 May 2012 04:50 PM
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Dear AYLH members,

As our annual general assembly is only a month away we would like to ask
you to submit any suggestions for discussion points until the opening of
the Forum so that we can prepare the agenda for the meeting. Please also
let us know if you intend to nominate your institution as a candidate for

You might remember that in the last few years only a few of those present
at the general assembly had actually paid their membership fees. Back then
we decided to accept their votes as well, but as this is actually rather
unfair towards those who have paid, we would like to remind you that the
membership fee for the Association is 20 EUR and should be received by the
Association before the general assembly takes place.

The account details are:

IBAN: AT043820600000112250
Bank name: Raiffeisenbank Leibnitz (Austria)

Please also indicate that this is your AYLH membership fee.

If you have paid using the Moneybookers option previously advertised on
the Association’s homepage, please check whether the amount was not in
fact returned to your account due to technical problems between
Moneybookers and the AYLH.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna at this year’s Forum!

Kind regards

The organising team @ the University of Vienna